Frequently Asked Questions

An essay is a piece of writing usually short based on a specific subject. The word itself comes from the French word essayer, which means to attempt. The meaning is also carried over to the English word as essays serve as a trial by an individual to focus thoughts and have them make sense by the using words. Going deeper into exploring the classification of essays, we find that traditionally they have been sub-classified into two sections informal as well as formal.

Informal essays have qualities that range from humor, unique themes, and individual tastes of different personalities. Formal essays take a more serious tone and mainly aim to serve a purpose and follow a more logical structure. In education, essays are used to express learned arguments. Others take on the influence of different uses such as manifestos, reflections that are subject to different authors.

Most essays take on a prose format, but others may be voluminous depending on the subject of discussion. In the field of formal education, essays are vital in improving the writing skills of students who are in higher institutions of learning. They are crucial to the extent that colleges and universities use admission essays to select applicants that will make up their student population.

Additionally, during the academic period, they are used as evaluation exercises that are used to rank students, especially for final examinations. Different courses have different essay requirements, and students in college can be required to submit more than one essay spread over the semester. Students who are studying social sciences, as well as humanities, are most affected having to give their opinions together with supported texts.

Persuasive essay

They are tasked with being convincible. The task here is to be able to draw the reader to side with the argument at hand. It not only presents facts but uses evidence to convince whoever is reading to agree with the writer’s thoughts. Both sides of the coin have to be highlighted when writing the essay. The end is to be able to persuade the reader that the writer’s choice is the best overall

Descriptive essay

It strives to describe a scenario by painting a mental picture. The writer uses words to paint a vivid experience from a memory of an event, location, or an object. It is not plain as the description has to be able to conjure the exact picture as the writer saw it. The author can achieve it through the use of the five senses that the reader possesses. Sight is one among the five that are used as things to do with taste, and sounds, smell, as well as touch, can be used. When executed at a mastery level, descriptive essays enable the reader to emotionally connect with the writer as if they were present at the very moment.

Narrative essay

It tells a story and is popular with giving an account of real-life happenings. The essay is through and through a story being provided by the writer through a first-hand account. As a result, the essay is written in the first person, and it is essential as it captures the attention of the reader by making them involved as if they were present during the happenings. The words must give an accurate account as possible to make it vivid and aesthetically real. The writer must not tell much but show what happened.

Expository essay

It deals mainly with the facts. The topic discussed in the essay does not lean towards one side but is thorough in explaining the area of interest. The writer must have in-depth knowledge that pertains to the topic in question. It does not support any emotions or opinions of the author. The content that is used comes from facts. Another source is statistical data that is related to what the writer is tackling.

Argumentative essay

It provides an opinion which is either negative or positive. Its nature could be in the form of an equal representation of ideas that favors neither or in other cases, one side is preferred against the other. The outcome of such a paper solely lies with the author and the side that is preferred the most. There are two models that the essay can take. The Rogerian and Toulmin models. The Rogerian structure begins by weighing the options presented, have both strengths and weaknesses of both sides listed, and finally based on the information forms an analysis that guides the recommendation. The Toulmin structure is made up of a thesis, data that backs the claim. What follows are warrants that are essential in supporting the claims as well as the rebuttals.

Admission essay

It serves as a reason to be accepted into an academic institution. It mostly helps to polish an individual. Students looking to be admitted into an educational institution such as a college or university. The admission officers pride themselves in looking for a person who does not represent accomplishments but has a larger than life character. The panel can best be described like the angels at St Peter's Gate, but they are without the wings or halos

Organize your ideas and have them in a rough draft

Before attempting to write an essay, it is vital to write down ideas that will be used to formulate the main body of the piece. This comes after an individual has understood and familiarized themselves with the topic. Noting down facts, ideas, and pointers are essential as it acts as a map that will guide the person to have the right content that is needed for the specific topic. Haphazard writing only contributes to a poorly written paper that the reader might have a hard time understanding. In an academic setting, it makes up one of the factors that contribute to a poor grade.

Use simple and easily understandable language

Unless writing a technical paper, it is advised that the language used in an essay be simple. Effective communication is whereby the reader receives the ideas expressed by an author. Using simple vocabulary ensures that the target audience will connect with what is written without giving them a hard time. The only time that jargon is permitted can be when explaining scientific terms as well as technical adjectives that are primarily used in that area of the topic.

Check for grammatical mistakes and ensure proper use of punctuation as well as spelling.

After completing the first draft of an essay, one of the crucial things to do first include re-reading the paper after a few hours to fish out any grammatical errors. If a student has access to a grammar tool that will aid them to improve the quality of the paper, it is advised to use it. Having an adequately punctuated essay also shows mastery of the language and its use. Marks are also awarded for the proper spelling of words

Have a captivating title that will entice the reader as well as cultivate curiosity

At times the content of an essay might be quite compelling to read, but the heading dissuades the reader from cultivating interest. Research has proved that the average attention span of a human being can be compared to that of a goldfish. That being the case, it is vital that the heading be able to capture the interest of the reader from the very beginning. In the age of the internet, users are bombarded with all sorts of information. An incentive to choose an article over the other is necessary to draw the attention of the masses. Most of the times, this comes down to the heading that the paper is given.


It is also known as the Modern Language Association. It is a style of writing that is commonly used in papers that are based on the arts as well as humanity, music, literature, and philosophy subjects. It is quite a distinctive style because it does not require a title page. All that is needed is the student's name, instructor's name, course taken, and lastly the date. All the sources used in the paper, are found at the end of the essay in a section under 'works cited.'


Known in full as the American Psychological Association, this style is typically used for behavioral as well as social subjects. Examples include psychology, economics, management, and history. It is different from MLA because it requires a title page. Additionally, on every page at the top, the essay is required to have a 'running head.' A running head can best be described as a short version of the title of your paper. The page with the sources is also known as the 'Reference page.'


The style originated from the Chicago style manual that is primarily meant for American English. It covers grammar, style as well as punctuation. It has no specific discipline as it is used by students generally for formatting. It has an added step that utilizes the use of footnotes as well as endnotes. They are supported in the end by a bibliography page. The style is singularly focused on the origin of the source, which gives credibility to the content of the essay.


It is a popular referencing style that employs the author-date structure, especially for in-text citations. Other elements include the last name of the author as well as the year of publication. The page number is added if the quote comes direct from the source. Round brackets are used inside the text to add the above information. If the author, for some reason, is anonymous, the title followed by the date can be used.

An assigned writer to cater to your needs

When one places an order with an acclaimed website, they are immediately assigned a professional writer who has experience in that area of expertise. It ensures that nothing is left to chance as the field is not new to them and they more or less know the subject like the back of their hand. Students can also have essays written that are specific to their topic and match all the requirements in their essay rubric/ guideline.


In this day and age, everyone is cautious in exposing their identity. Online hackers and data mining companies try to access people's digital footprint to be able to sell it to companies that want to target a specific audience. Essay writing services have taken care of that by ensuring that the client remains anonymous and essays do not include any information that may disclose the particulars of the customer

24hr customer service

Unlike dealing with offline writers, online essay writing websites have around the clock customer service that enables you to have peace of mind. The reason is that they are available to cater to any paper that is submitted, unlike the nine to five office working hours which only work during daytime hours. This ensures that last-minute essays can be written in a short amount of time

Flexible payment options

Early bird prices are incredibly affordable, especially when the paper is due in a week or two. The same essay that would have cost double during the time of order can be had for a minimal happens while still having the same quality and accessing the best writers available. Some even have offers on bulk assignments. A one-off payment is charged. This ensures that papers that are due for the whole semester can be written in advance. It makes it easier for the client as they are submitted when they are due.

Grammar and plagiarism services

When essays and papers are written by non-professionals, they are prone to make grammatical mistakes. Including copying content from sources and not acknowledge the author whose material they have used. Such essays can attract penalties as well as land the student or website in trouble if their content is not 100% original. If not thoroughly checked, they can cost a student a whole semester or even have them retake the class. Some sites offer free grammar checkers that can be accessed for free and help them check for mistakes in their paper.

Writing and editing

Communication takes a bit of skill; it is not only typing on the keyboard and hitting the publish button. Writing is an ordinary skill that is taught at school, but the act of communication is what gives many a hard time. Essays need ideas presented to be put in a manner that can paint a mental picture of the subject of discussion. Essays, when edited, can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to a student's GPA.

Help with online classes

Essay writing companies also help with online courses that need weekly posts as well as assignments that may prove difficult. Tutoring of students helps demystify topics that may be difficult to understand. Or might need extra clarification as at times the moderator of the class has a large number of students to deal with and may take time to respond to questions and queries.

Vague writing

This is mostly brought about by the lack of interest in a given topic. If given a choice by the teachers to choose a subject of discussion, a student must pick one that will inspire them to research and come up with a compelling paper. Failure to which an essay will contain information that is out of context. This is where the writing involved is based on getting the assignment done by using words to fill up the pages that are required.

Lack of supporting evidence

It is essential that when writing an essay on a given topic that supporting details are included. It is a requirement that statistics, facts as well as quotes are used to provide credibility to the content that is written. Failure to which an individual can be subjected to have written an essay using unreliable material. In the end, the content will be judged as being thoughtless and unsatisfactory.

Lengthy sentences

Writing requires the use of sentences. In developing those sentences, they must be balanced. Ideas are communicated through words which need a proper sentence structure that expresses the thought as vivid as possible. Lengthy constructions can contribute towards confusion among readers. Long sentences hinder the reader from following your idea as reasoning becomes impaired.

Grammatical errors

It is common to find grammatical mistakes, especially when completing the first draft of a paper. A grammatical error is a term that is employed to describe prescriptive grammar. It highlights sections of incorrect usage that includes unconventional usage of misplaced modifiers as well as verb tense. When writing an essay, it acts as a hindrance to effective communication. It may seem small, but one error can change the meaning of a sentence drastically.

Lack of references

It is a requirement in today's educational system that sources used to be cited at the end of the paper. This is because plagiarism has become a rampant problem across many academic institutions. An essay that lacks references can be said to have "stolen" from original works belonging to other authors. The only instance that a piece is allowed to have no references is when writing creative content such as novels especially in the genre that is fiction.

Use of slang

Slang is described as an informal language. Examples include "gonna" as well as "wanna." These words can be used when communicating with family as well as friends but should end at that. Academic essays are not accepted when they contain instances of informal language. Correct English must be used in an essay as short forms, as well as adaptations, are shunned upon.

Meandering focus

This happens when a person loses their trail of thought and ventures into irrelevant material. Essays do not start with fiction and end with a Shakespearean monologue. They have to be consistent from start to finish. A concise flow of thoughts is necessary to give an essay the structure and organization that it needs to communicate to a reader. Concentration is a crucial ingredient for the successful completion of an essay.

Use of inappropriate terminologies

When in doubt it is advisable to use a dictionary. It might get to a point whereby the vocabulary that a person possesses is inadequate to explain essential terminologies. This is especially common in scientific essays that require specific terminologies to explain concepts. Consulting a dictionary enables a person to find the right words to describe an idea that would be quite a task if they were to use ordinary words.