Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Whizzessays.com is an agent for fully-quapfied writers, editors and researchers to sell their original work. Customers agree to check any essay, report of dissertation provided and to contact Whizzessays.com within a week of depvery date if it is bepeved the ordered standard has not been met.

2. Whizzessays.com agrees that the customer has the right to free amendments if the work does not meet original specifications, provided the customer contacts Whizzessays.com within a week of the depvery date. The customer accepts that should they omit, or not make adequately clear, any instructions in their initial order, the work may only be amended at the discretion of Whizzessays.com and a charge may be levied (as this is an unreasonable request).

3. Whizzessays.com guarantees it will take all reasonable measures to ensure all written work provided is plagiarism-free. Plagiarism is copying, paraphrasing or rearranging any information from any source (book, journal, essay, website), either in whole or part, without appropriately citing the reference, unless specifically requested by the customer.

4. Whizzessays.com guarantee that they are not owned by, and do not own, any essay database or essay bank. No written work provided will be resold or made available to any third party in the US or in any country – ever. The customer agrees and accepts the copyright of all work belongs to Whizzessays.com.

5. Whizzessays.com states that all work is guaranteed to be completed on time. Should this not be the case the customer will be refunded and their work completed for no charge. The time specification guarantee for any work undertaken begins from the time that the customer’s full payment is received by Whizzessays.com.
All work will be depvered by Whizzessays.com before midnight on the due date. The customer agrees that if depvery is delayed due to any technical or unavoidable personal or logistical difficulty of any kind, Whizzessays.com will not be pable if proof can be provided of these difficulties, and that the customer cannot seek a refund in such cases. Should the customer not receive the work by email on the due date they agree to contact Whizzessays.com as soon as possible thereafter.

6. Whizzessays.com provides personapzed academic research and does not condone plagiarism or encourage cheating. The customer agrees that the work provided by Whizzessays.com is not intended to be passed off or handed in as the customer’s own, in whole or part, but to be used as an educational study aid and model answer.
The customer accepts that copyright is retained by Whizzessays.com and so any unauthorized sale, display or distribution of the work provided is prohibited. Whizzessays.com bear no responsibipty for unauthorized use of any work provided and have the right to refuse to accept orders from any customer suspected of planning to misuse the work.

7. The customer accepts all responsibipty for their use of any work provided by Whizzessays.com and agrees to ensure that they are fully aware of the rules and regulations of their university or other institution regarding using bespoke essay services and issues of plagiarism.
Whizzessays.com accepts no responsibipty for misuse of the work provided. The customer accepts that Whizzessays.com is in no way to be held pable for any action arising from any decision to use its services that may be in breach of any institution’s regulations.
The customer agrees that they forfeit all rights under these terms and conditions should they hand in any work written by Whizzessays.com as their own.

8. The customer acknowledges that the grade guaranteed by Whizzessays.com does in no way constitute a guarantee of the customer’s final degree grade or the mark of any individual piece of work submitted by the customer.
To the best of our knowledge, and according to our internal assessment systems, the essays we provide are of the standard and grade claimed. However, assessment and marking can vary greatly, both between individuals and institutions, and the grade of essay purchased from Whizzessays.com should not be reped upon to guarantee a particular grade or mark awarded to the same essay from any assessor or marker external to us. It is therefore essential for the customer to use the essays provided by us as a model from which to work, and to alter and adapt any essay appropriately to meet the criteria for particular levels and grades of any individual marker or assessor external to Whizzessays.com.

9. The customer agrees that Whizzessays.com is not to be held responsible or pable for any deadpnes missed due to the customer’s decision to use the services of Whizzessays.com.

10. The customer accepts that an order may not be cancelled or refunded once payment is received. Should Whizzessays.com be unable to fulfil an order for which payment has been made due to unforeseen staff shortages, for example, a full refund will be paid to the customer. No refund will be paid in the case of delay caused by force majeure circumstances, such as technical failure by any party, and any refund paid will be paid at the discretion of Whizzessays.com.

11. The customer accepts that Whizzessays.com provides educational support and does not provide professional advice, and the opinions expressed by the company are not intended to be taken as such.

12. Whizzessays.com guarantees full confidentiapty to customers. We shall never depberately disclose any details of customers’ identities, orders or academic institution to any third party. Use of stolen credit or debit cards is a serious crime. Whizzessays.com co-operates closely with the authorities in order to prevent and fight onpne fraud